Have you ever been interested in becoming a part of the world’s oldest fraternity?
Some men have wondered why they’ve never been invited to join the Masonic fraternity. Unlike most organizations, our fraternity does not actively seek out or solicit new members. This way, it allows each man to decide for himself, of his own free will, whether or not membership is something that appeals to him. If so, all he needs to do to begin the process is ask.
What are the requirements to join?

There are only a few basic qualifications that a man must meet in order to be able to join:

  • He must make a declaration of his belief in a Supreme Being, though how he worships is up to him.
  • He must be capable of reading and writing in English.
  • He must be at least 18 years of age and of good moral and social standing.
  • He must have resided within the state of Louisiana for at least twelve months.